Approved by Govt. of A.P.G.O.Ms. No. 473, Indian Nursing Council 02/APR/2005, APNMC No.APNMC/CON/5147/2005

Affiliated to Dr. N.T.R. University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
(Sponsored by Sri Saraswathi Educational Society) #4/10, Nagarajupet, Kadapa - 516001. (AP)


About us


The  Indira Priyadarshini College of Nursing started functioning in 2005 with the sole objective of rendering services to the people of all kinds of soeio economic Status in the community through nursing education to students.


The  Indira Priyadarshini College of Nursing is an integrated part  of the Sri Saraswathi Educational Society we believe that health is a dynamic state of Physical, Mental, Social, Economical & Spiritual well being up to the maximum potential of the Industrial . Health is a basic right and nursing is an important as aspect  of  healthcare. That upholds this belief.  The nursing students and staff are expected to maintain the Highest standards in this professional and private lives. Presentally Indira Priyadarshini College of Nursing offers basic B.Sc., program  in nursing.

Objectives :

On Complition of the four year B.Sc nursing programming the student will be able to :

  1. apply knowledge from Physical, Biological, Beheviarly, Scinces, Medicine, Including alternative systems and providing nursing care to individuals, Families and communities.
  2. Provide nursing care based on stepsof nursing process in collaboration with the individuals and groups.
  3. Demonstrate critical thinking still in making decisions in all  situations in ;order to provide qualtity care.
  4. Uatilise  the latest trends and technology in providing health care.
  5. Demonstrate skills in teaching to individuals and groups in clinical/community health settings.
  6. Conduct need based research studies in various settings and utilize research findings to improve the quality of care  and leadership qualities in all possible walks of life

Our students conduct monthly educational seminars and panel decisions. 

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